Final assembly
SCM Windor
SCM Windor
Carpenter’s Plane
Elumat Säge
Elumat saw
Reichenbacher (klein)
Reichenbacher (small)
Range + Heine
Range + Heine
Hörmann Ladebühne
Hörmann Loading platform
Ware kurz vor der Auslieferung
Goods ready for dispatch


SCM Windor 100

Center piece of our production is our two Reichenbacher CNC machining center and the SCM Windor machinery for window production. Here we produce 18 different window systems without changing tools and are flexible for each window order that might require different millings and drillings.


Our post-and-beam facades and entrance doors are produced on our separate CNC machine in order not to endanger our capacities.

Carpenter’s plane

Planing of wood is made by hydro-planing and hence ensures a perfect surface.

Elumat saw

We manufacture all aluminium claddings ourselves.

Koch Dowel Machine

All window elements are connected by dowels, so that a six-sided coating of component parts is possible without any problems.

Fully automatic enamelling line

With a maximum arrangement of 720 pieces, the component parts including end grain surfaces are coated here.