Architectural bronze – a mixture of copper and brass

Regarding architectural bronze windows the copper alloy of the profiles does not need any surface treatment to be protected against weather influences.
The natural coating creates a durable protective film. The so-called bluing with the “bronze antique” effect accelerates this natural process. Due to their classic design, bronze profiles are ideal for refurbishing heritage-protected buildings.

Comparative values of the different materials

Architectural BronzeAluminium
Specific weight 8,3  2,7
Thermal conduction W/m?K 80 237
Linear thermal expansion coefficient mm/mt X 1°C  0,019 0,023
Tensile modulus Mpa 85000  69000
Tensile strength Mpa 390 200/240
Threshold value plastic deformation at 0.2% Mpa 200 170
A-brass bar “architectural bronze” before extrusion
B-extruded profiles in brass “architectural bronze”



Architectural bronze windows impress with a stylish look and complete stylishly precious woods such as oak, Sipo mahagony or walnut.

The Rauh range offers a flush or sharp-edged solution for wall windows or post-and-beam insert windows. The indoor facing sash is also available in a sharp-edged solution.